London, UK16 - 18 June 2014
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Registration & Welcome Breakfast

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Conference Welcome Speech

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Ministerial Keynote Session


Session Chairman's Opening Remarks followed by:

Opportunities & Challenges for Iraq's Oil & Gas Industry

Questions & Answers

11:15  -  11:45

Networking Coffee Break

11:45  -  13:15

Session 1


Unlocking Value from Un Developed Assets:

- The current outlook of the oil and gas industry in Iraq 
- Overview of the post elections possible legislation reforms and the impacts
- What are the geopolitical challenges for the industry in Iraq?
- What does 2015 hold for Iraqi oil and gas industry?
- Accelerating  Iraq’s Energy plan 2015 – 2019 
- Enhancing the potential of oil and gas reserves in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq 
- Responding to the market supply and demand dynamics
- Exploring Iraq’s role as a major oil and gas player in a regional context

Questions & Answers

13:15  -  14:30

Networking Lunch

14:30  -  16:00

Session 2


Upstream Developments in Iraq; Exploration & Production

- Enhancing Iraq’s exploration efforts
- Where are the new opportunities for new players post elections in Iraq?
- How do E & P providers benefit from the new opportunities?
- Outstanding drilling successes and the major discoveries this year
- Assessing Iraq plans to enhance project execution to improve margins on every barrel produced
- Showcasing Iraq’s  large scale staged development
- Analyzing how Iraq is transforming resources to reserves
- Outlining the role of the foreign oil and gas companies in supporting job creation

Questions & Answers

16:00  -  16:30

Networking Coffee Break

16:30  -  17:30

Session 3


Iraq’s Oil & Gas Infrastructure Requirements: Integrating Innovative Technology to Support Iraq’s Development

- Where are the current and most promising areas for development in Iraq?
- Identifying potential opportunities in drilling , design, building rigs and pipelines
- Exploring Iraq’s needs for new refineries
- Assessing Iraq’s plans for upgrading , modernization of the major refineries
- Reviewing Industrial energy demand for oil products
- Examining the environmental standards for Iraq’s projects
- Linking Iraq’s projects with the region, what is the potential?

Questions & Answers


End of Conference Day 1


Networking Drinks Reception