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Iraq Petroleum Pre-Conference Legal Workshop

A Guide to the Key Legal Issues for Oil & Gas Companies doing business in Iraq

Monday 16 June 2014

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The Interactive Iraq Petroleum workshop will focus on the laws and regulations that will encourage partnerships to expedite the building of the oil and gas industry. The one day workshop, taking place on the 16 June,  is an essential tool in mastering the contracts whilst maintaining the cost effectiveness and efficiency of your operations.

 Led by:

Iraq Oil & Gas Workshop

Benefits of Attending? 

  • Gain a better understanding on the essentials of Iraq’s legal contracts
  • Understand strategies and policies shaping the industry
  • Designed to give the commercial and legal negotiators the knowledge to help foster better understanding about the laws and regulations
  • Understand the mechanisms of crude oil pricing and trading

Key Topics Include:

  • Overview of the Oil & Gas Law and Regime
  • Registration of Branch/Subsidiary and Setting up Business in Iraq
  • Employee and Labour Issues
  • Tax and Duties
  • Analysis of Key Upstream Contracts in Iraqi Projects
  • Contracting with the Iraqi Government
  • Shipping
  • Avoiding and /or Managing Disputes in Iraq
  • International Trade and Sanctions
  • 5th Round and Upcoming Opportunities in the context of the Challenges

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To find out about the opportunities available for sponsoring or to book your place at the workshop, please contact Pete Bamford on +44 20 7978 0349, iraqpetroleum@thecwcgroup.com