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In Press: Iraq to tender two non-associated gas fields in Diyala

Iraq is hoping to offer two new fields for development despite concerns about security

By Verity Ratcliffe
28 February 2018

Iraq’s Ministry of Oil is preparing to tender contracts to develop two non-associated gas fields in the Diyala governorate in the east of the country, a ministry official said on Tuesday.

The Khashim al-Ahmer and Jarabica gas field contracts may be incorporated into Iraq’s current licensing round or tendered separately, Abdulmahdy al-Ameedi, the ministry’s director general of upstream oil contracts and licensing rounds, said at the Iraq Petroleum conference in Berlin.


Source: http://interfaxenergy.com/gasdaily/article/29776/iraq-to-tender-two-non-associated-gas-fields-in-diyala

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