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Dr Mark Wharton - Iraq Development & Joint Venture Manager - Shell

Dr Mark Wharton

Iraq Development & Joint Venture Manager

Dr Mark Wharton is the Development and Joint Ventures Manager for Shell in Iraq and is responsible for the technical and investment planning of Shell’s portfolio of oil and gas projects that are contributing to Iraq’s development and reconstruction.

Mark has extensive industry experience across the oil and gas sector having held prior technical and management positions with Royal Dutch Shell operating units in The Netherlands, Oman, Malaysia, Nigeria and Kazakhstan.

In his current role in Iraq he contributes to safe and reliable operations at the Shell-operated Majnoon field in the Basrah province and provides shareholder governance and support to the non-operated West Qurna 1 venture, the midstream gas joint venture Basrah Gas Company and the world-scale Nebras petrochemicals joint venture.

Mark holds a PhD in Geology and Geochemistry from Durham University and a Bachelor of Sciences in Geology from Imperial College, London.

His work in Iraq enables him to pursue the wider societal benefits of capturing gas that is otherwise flared into a useful source of power for Iraq industrial and domestic use, providing employment opportunities for local Iraqi companies and communities and enabling technical and managerial training for Iraqi colleagues within the Shell participating ventures.

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