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MP Dr Beriwan Al-Khailany - Former MP - Federal Government of Iraq

MP Dr Beriwan Al-Khailany

Former MP
Federal Government of Iraq

Currently working as a member of the Advisory Board/ Ministry of Higher Education, Federal Government of Iraq.

She earned a Bachelor of Science degree in geology from Baghdad University in 1976 and a PhD degree in Geology (Oil Exploration) from University College London (UCL)/ England in 1985. She had taught post-graduate courses and supervised master’s degree and doctoral students in the field of stratigraphy, ecology, engineering geology and rock mechanics in Baghdad and Al-Nahrain Universities. Her research interests include oil exploration, industrial geology and applied geology. She became a Member of Iraqi Parliament (third term) 2014-2018 and worked as a Member of Higher Education Parliamentary Committee.

Worked as a Deputy Minister for the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research with the Central Government in Baghdad from April 2004 to August 2007, worked as a visiting Professor at Oklahoma University/ College of Earth and Energy from August 2007 to January 2008 and as an Advisor to the Minister of Higher Education in the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) from 2008-2014.

She has an extensive teaching, research and publishing experience in the field of Oil exploration and Ore Mineralogy in Iraq. Worked with UNESCO in the fields of teacher training, National Strategy for Education and Higher Education. She had also worked as a head of Iraqi Hydrocarbon Experts Committee – Oklahoma University.

She had participated in a number of academic conferences and workshops for revitalization of Iraqi Higher Education and as a keynote speaker in many international higher education conferences. Those conferences were centered on such subjects as short term professional training in higher education, pedagogical studies and E- learning.

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