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Zaid Elyaseri - Head of Country - BP Iraq

Zaid Elyaseri

Head of Country
BP Iraq

Zaid Elyaseri is Country Manager for BP Iraq and responsible for managing BP’s business integration in Iraq where BP is the lead contractor for developing the Rumaila oil field, Iraq’s largest field contributing over 40% of Iraq’s production. Zaid has an MBA in Oil & Gas Management from Aberdeen Business School.

He specialises in commercial and is responsible for driving business agenda in the country and for working with key energy officials in Iraq. Zaid held various central and regional finance/commercial roles and was involved in starting up the Rumaila business. Prior to BP, Zaid worked for KPMG UK and has lead advisory and risk positions in the Middle East. In 2014, Zaid took on the position of BP Iraq Deputy Country Manager and in 2015 was appointed as BP Iraq Country Manager.

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